About IndieONE

IndieONE Global Media – The World’s Premiere Next Generation Global Broadcast Media Platform – Where The World’s Stars Are Born. Home Of IndieONE Global Radio, IndieONE Global Television and IndieONE Global Movie Channels

Our platform empowers Indie Filmmakers and Unsigned Producers and Artists with a single solution to submit their songs/audio, movies and TV shows for airplay as well as marketing opportunities for their brand, listeners can listen to on-the-air broadcasts of Indie artists from around the world, subscribers can listen to genre specific Indie Filmmakers and Unsigned Producers and Artists, and much more. We also highlight rising talent in the Film Industry and Entrepreneurs from various spaces.

The platform features Livestream Broadcasts of music genre / program specific paid channels as well as a free channel that features every genre / program type during scheduled and live broadcast programming.

Music Genres Are

– Dance / EDM / House / Electronica / Techno

– Pop

– Latin

– Rock

– New Age

– Inspirational / Gospel

– Urban / Hip Hop / R&B

– Classical

– Country

– Jazz / Acoustic

Talk Shows

#IndieTalk with Darrin Scorpio Campbell

– Social Media Influencers

– The StartUP Entrepreneur


Special Programming

– Annual IndieONE Global Radio International DJ Competition

– Annual IndieONE Global Radio Music Festival

And much, much more