IndieONE Global Media partners with Spaces Works to present a LIVE Music Series with some of the world’s New Recording Artists

What:     @IndieONEGlobal Music Stage @ @SpacesWorks powered by IndieONE Global Radio

Where:    @SpacesWorks – Spaces Atlanta Midtown East 715 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, Georgia

When:     Thursday, October 5th, 2017 @ 5pm

Who:     Darrin Scorpio Campbell – Founder of IndieONE, IndieONE Global Radio Content Creators, New Recording Artists, Rising Indie Artists & Team Members from @IndieONEGlobal and @SpacesWorks

Miami, FL | September 6, 2017 – IndieONE Global Media has partnered with Spaces to present the @IndieONEGlobal Music Stage @ Spaces, a LIVE Music Series featuring New Recording Artists & Rising Indie Artists.

This event showcases Live performances by Recording Artists & Indie artists from around the globe. The music, films and/or TV shows featuring the performers of the @IndieONEGlobal Music Stage will be available on / is on the IndieONE platform.

This Global Music Series is a regular opportunity for music fans & Enthusiasts to be introduced to new music and new artists.

Tickets for the Series can be purchased at with Limited Early Bird deals starting as low as $5. Ticket holders get extra value with their purchase, as they receive an introductory subscription to the IndieONE platform, discounts on future in-person events, and many other exclusive deals.

The partnership Series schedule expands on:

  • December 7th – Spaces Atlanta Midtown East (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • December – TBD (Miami, Florida)
  • January – TBD (New York City, New York)

For more information on the @IndieONEGlobal Music Stage @ Spaces, visit

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About Spaces

Spaces is a creative platform for an international entrepreneurial community. We offer dynamic work areas for you to think, create and grow.

Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces was built on the idea that success breeds more success. That’s why we’ve cultivated a community of members who are thinkers, achievers and imagineers. We’ve built workspaces that suit your every need. And our energetic staff attends to all the details so you can focus on your next big idea.

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